Chevrolet Hybrids

We Have Chevrolet Hybrids near Smithfield!

Change it up a bit and select one of our Chevrolet Hybrids at Tasca Chevrolet of Woonsocket. We have a fascinating inventory that supplies fuel alternative Chevrolet models like hybrids that would drive and a gasoline model but does not require the gas exclusively. Come by our dealership in Woonsocket and ask one of our Chevy team members to test drive any of our Chevrolet hybrids. Find out more below.

Make a Difference

There's a lot of nasty pollutants around us that we consume on a daily. With a fuel alternative vehicle, you can be a part of the change the environment needs. When customers purchase any of our Chevrolet hybrid models, they can expect to get a quality vehicle that provides awesome engine performance and technology.

Find a Model

All it takes is for customers to come to our dealership to view our expansive car inventory. We have plenty of Chevrolet models to choose from and would love to introduce customers to our Chevrolet hybrids. Drivers would have the choice to plug up their vehicle to a power charging source or pull up to the nearest gas station for refueling. The flexibility of refueling choices makes for an amazing experience when driving our Chevrolet hybrids. Customers can also find full-electric models like the Chevrolet Bolt EV that operate off electric motors that you strictly refuel at electric refuel stations or your home. Just like our Chevy hybrids, they are affordable, smooth, and reliable.

Choose an Alternative

Experience our Chevrolet hybrid models by visiting Tasca Chevrolet of Woonsocket and speaking to one of our Chevrolet team members about test driving the model you like. We can't wait for you to experience what our Chevrolet hybrid models have in store for you. See you soon!